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Website security that works.
Don't just scan for malware. Prevent it infecting your site.

BitFire integrates your website and server OS to make website hacks, redirect attacks and account takeover impossible.

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Web Site Security Made Easy.

Don't just scan for attacks after they happen, actively prevent them.

Free Automated Site Restore

* Restore hacked WordPress site

There are many Web Firewalls to choose from. Only BitFire has 100% Free bot blocking, Free WordPress site restore and 100% money back gurarentee for PRO customers.

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* Free 5 min install. No Credit Card Required.

BitFire brings new security capabilities to your website you won't find anywhere else.

In addition to the standard protection offered by similar solutions, BitFire has 4 unique features that when activated make your site impervious to attack.


File Protection

Write lock your files to prevent any attack from modifying your plugins or core files.


Bot Protection

99% of hacks are automated, BitFire blacklists all automated requests and only allows approved search engines and tools.


Redirect Protection

Prevent all redirect attacks by enforcing only content from approved sites with dynamic Content Security Policy.


Multi Factor Authentication

Prevent account takeover with multi factor authentication. Recieve notification of all login attempts.

Hyper Performance

Up to 100x faster than the competition
More 0-day protections than anyone

Full guarenteed protection in less than 2 milliseonds *

Protect yourself from 0-day threats with security processes not just known signatures.

SQL Injection / Cross Site Scripting.

Rock solid protection from the two largest security vulnerabilities.

100% Bot Filtering

99% of sites are hacked by automatic tools. Completely protect from automatic tools and bots with BitFire's advanced bot protection.

Site Takeover Prevention

We prevent your site files from being hacked with write locking at the operating system.

Redirect protection

BitFire checks your site's redirects against black lists and actively prevents redirects to malicious sites.

Country / IP Blocking

Spam blocking

Honey Pots

Malicious Uploads

WordPress Security Hardening

"We were completely unable to load our site after being hacked. The team at BitFire walked us through the entire install process, removed all the malware and fully protected all our sites. I'll never run a site without it again."

Mark Sullivan of vip discount leads

Integrated with your favorite platforms

Your security should be connected and portable. BitFire connects with other sources to help you stay secure.


Send alerts and site information automatically in a channel with a simple plugin.


Stay on top of security with actionable security reports to make sure your site is up to date.


Recover an already hacked site and prevent custom attacks to WordPress core and plugins.

Restfull HTTP API

Connect directly to the REST HTTP API to pull the latest data and dynamically configure and integrate the firewall.

Elastic Search

Easily connect with elastic search to save and report on real time blocked and allowed traffic.


Easily integrate BitFire into any PHP project including custom and homegrown applications.


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