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Website security that works.
Don't just scan for malware. Prevent it infecting your site.

BitFire is a new approach to WordPress security that integrates the first Runtime Application Self Protection (RASP) available for WordPress.

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0-Day vulnerabilites protected by BitFire

Plugin CVE Date Score Sites Protection
Form Maker by 10Web – Mobile-Friendly Drag & Drop Contact Form Builder WordPress Plugin
Form Maker by 10Web – Mobile-Friendly Drag & Drop Contact Form Builder
CVE-2023-xxxx Sep 7 9.8 60,000+ ● FILE RASP
Donation Forms WordPress Plugin
Donation Forms
CVE-2023-4596 Aug 17 9.8 10,000 + ● DB RASP
Themesflat WordPress Plugin
CVE-2023-37390 Aug 7 9.8 3 Million + ● PHP WAF
Forminator WordPress Plugin
CVE-2023-4596 Aug 4 9.8 3 Million + ● File RASP
Stripe Payment Plugin WordPress Plugin
Stripe Payment Plugin
CVE-2023-3162 Aug 1 9.8 20,000 + ● Auth RASP
All-in-One WP Migration WordPress Plugin
All-in-One WP Migration
CVE-2023-3460 Jul 4 5.3 5 Million + ● DB RASP
HT Mega - Addon for Elementor WordPress Plugin
HT Mega - Addon for Elementor
CVE-2023-37999 Mar 23 9.8 100,000 + ● DB RASP
WooCommerce Payment Plugin WordPress Plugin
WooCommerce Payment Plugin
CVE-2023-28121 Mar 23 9.8 600,000 + ● Auth RASP

Runtime Application Self Protection is a security sandbox for your entire website. A traditional WAF runs in front of your site, blocking or allowing traffic based on signatures which may or may not detect an attack. RASP runs between your website and the Operating System, preventing unauthorized database and filesystem changes.

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BitFire brings new security capabilities to your website you won't find anywhere else.

In addition to the standard protection offered by other WAF solutions, BitFire has 4 unique features that run behind your website, protecting your filesystem, database, and client web browsers seamlessly without signatures.

File Locking

RASP File Protection

RASP write-locks your PHP files to prevent any attack from modifying your plugins or core files.

Bots and Crawlers

Bot Protection

99% of hacks are automated, Network Authentication allows only known authorized bots, locking out hackers.

Lock Web Browsers

RASP Browser Protection

Prevent redirect and other browser attacks by enforcing only content from approved sites with auto CSP.

Database security

RASP Database Protection

Complete your security posture with database protection, preventing back door accounts and other database malware.

Complete File Protection With RASP

BitFire's RASP runs between WordPress (or any PHP code) and your Operating System files. It is able to prevent the most serious security vulnerabilities from being exploited on your site. Consider the following vulnerability where a plugin is fetching a remote image and saving to the local website:

<?php $r = $_GET['remote_image']; // fetch remote image: $data = file_get_contents($image); // local file name = content_dir + original filename $filename = WP_CONTENT_DIR . basename($image); // save image for local use: 💀 file_put_contents($filename, $data);
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Complete Bot Control

Hackers often impersonate Internet bots like GoogleBot, etc. Other WAFs block bots by hoping they self-identify. Only BitFire authenticates bots source network to verify authentic traffic.

Every bot can be configured to Allow from Anywhere, Authenticated IP or Full Block and BitFire can learn custom or unknown bots so you stay completely covered.

Authenticate over 4,000 unique bots & 1,000 browsers

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RASP advanced security

Complete Database Protection With RASP

Keep sensitive data secure with BitFire RASP database. Protect user login data, blog posts, product information and any other sensitive database information. BitFire can prevent the access or modification of any database component by un-authorized users regardless of any existing security vulnerability.

Hyper Performance

40x faster than the competition
More 0-day protections than anyone

Full guaranteed protection in less than 2 milliseconds *

Protect yourself from 0-day threats with security processes not just signatures.

Full Customer Support

Support 7 days per week from USA based developers

Installation Support

Receive 1 hour free install tech support

24x7 Network Monitoring

All installs receive free automated system monitoring

WordPress Plugin Monitoring

Hourly plugin checks for the latest vulnerabilities keep your site up to date

Offsite Database Backups

Gigabytes of off site database backups with a single click

"We were completely unable to load our site after being hacked. The team at BitFire walked us through the entire install process, removed all the malware and fully protected all our sites. I'll never run a site without it again."

Mark Sullivan of vip-discount-leads

Integrated with your favorite platforms

Your security should be connected and portable. BitFire connects with other sources to help you stay secure.


Send alerts and site information automatically in a channel with a simple plugin.


Stay on top of security with actionable security reports to make sure your site is up to date.


Recover an already hacked site and prevent custom attacks to WordPress core and plugins.

Restful HTTP API

Connect directly to the REST HTTP API to pull the latest data and dynamically configure and integrate the firewall.

Elastic Search

Easily connect with elastic search to save and report on real time blocked and allowed traffic.


Easily integrate BitFire into any PHP project including custom and homegrown applications.

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