Fully Secure Your Site

BitFire FREE includes our industry leading bot protection for WordPress. Increase your security by upgrading to a BitFire PRO plan. Includes our #1 rated WordPress firewall and our Runtime Application Self Protection system. These systems prevent modification of your PHP core and Plugin files as well as prevent account takeover attacks.

$ 0 /mo

Free Tier Bot Protection

100% Browser Verification & Identification

Scan for Malware in seconds

256 event
real-time log

Identify attacks anywhere on the planet

Manual Bot Protection

Limited IP Reputation Checks

Start for Free
$ 64 /year

Firewall & WordPress Protection

Everything in Free

64,000 event
real-time log

Independently A+ Rated Web Application Firewall

Malware Prevention - PHP File Locker

Account Protection - DB query monitor

Prevent connections to Command & Control Networks

Upgrade Firewall
Full Protection
$ 128 /year

Firewall & WordPress + Browser & Bot Protection

Everything in Firewall

100% Bot Protection

Unlimited IP Checks

Malware removal by security professional

Money Back Security Guarantee for 1 year

Repair WordPress Core & Plugin Files

Multi-Factor Authentication

BitFire team installs and configures everything for you

Complete Protection

Enterprise grade quality for all plans.

Modern PHP Firewall that does more than just identify and block threats, it actually prevents site files from being hacked and off site redirects.

* Windows Operating system not currently supported


Frequently asked questions.

Let us help answer the most common questions you might have.

Can I use BitFire on WordPress?

Absolutely. Install BitFire from the WordPress official plugin repository. Then purchase a license on this page which will be emailed to you. Finally enter your license key on the BitFire settings page. The PRO features will download automatically.

Is there a money back guarantee?

YES! BitFire is insurance against your website being hacked. You shouldn't be changed extra if we fail at our job. We feel so strongly about BitFire and offer a full refund in the event any files on your server are modified while being protected by BitFire Full Protection.

Do I get free updates?

Yes. We update our signatures and active blocking lists regularly. Our server databases contain over 10 million data points that are updated daily. All active installs are automatically updated several times daily as new threats emerge.

Does it work with Magento? Presto? Custom?

Yes. BitFire has been built from the ground up to provide enterprise level security for any PHP based web framework or CMS. We provide direct integration for WordPress websites but can sit in front of any web framework as a stand alone component with full protection.