About BitFire: Igniting Next-Generation Web Security

At BitFire, we stand as the vanguard of web security innovation, forged by the vision of a true pioneer in the field. Founded by a seasoned web security researcher with an illustrious 20-year journey, our mission is to revolutionize the way the digital realm safeguards its most vital assets.

A Legacy of Web Security

With an esteemed career spanning across industry giants like Intuit, UBS Bank, BodyBuilding.com, and even the guardianship of the critical infrastructure security for the US power grid, our founder Cory Marsh, brings unparalleled expertise and insights. Decades of navigating the intricate landscapes of security vulnerabilities have culminated in the creation of BitFire—a testament to his commitment to protecting the digital frontiers.

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Elevating Protection for WordPress

BitFire introduces a paradigm shift in security with the world's first and only RASP (Runtime Application Security Protection) firewall designed exclusively for WordPress. Our technology is a culmination of battle-tested strategies, real-world vulnerability testing, and an unwavering drive to make the digital realm a safer place.

Unbreakable, Unyielding, Unmatched

We pride ourselves in pushing the boundaries of security efficacy. BitFire's RASP firewall has been rigorously tested against a barrage of real-world critical security vulnerabilities, emerging victorious each time by repelling even the most sophisticated exploits. This success isn't accidental; it's the result of a relentless pursuit of excellence, fueled by our founder's decades of hands-on experience.

Innovate. Protect. Elevate.

BitFire isn't just a firewall; it's a movement. We integrate seamlessly with WordPress, inspecting every SQL query and file access to ensure your code and database users remain impervious. And while we integrate deeply, our performance doesn't waver; in fact, we run 20X faster than traditional solutions.

A Future Crafted by Collaboration

Our journey doesn't end with our achievements; it's a collaborative endeavor. Through partnerships with web analytics pioneers, we've unraveled unique request signatures, generating a repository of 1 trillion distinctive fingerprints. This advanced bot detection technology, previously reserved for a select few, is now accessible to all.

Forge Ahead with BitFire

We invite you to join us on this journey of innovation, security, and transformation. Together, we will rewrite the rules of web security, creating a digital realm where threats are tamed, vulnerabilities are vanquished, and businesses can thrive without fear.

We have taken that experience to create a Firewall so strong we back it with a full money back guarentee.

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